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EN590 10ppm Rotterdam 

GGT is actively seeking long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers of EN590 10ppm diesel with a maximum sulfur content of 10ppm (EN590 10ppm). We prioritize securing feasible, competitive prices for these deliveries through FOB Rotterdam Tank-to-Tank transactions.

As a company committed to responsible sourcing, GGT maintains a strict mandate for contracted buyers. This ensures that all procured fuel meets the specified EN590 10ppm standard and originates from countries that are not subject to any trade embargoes. If you are a reputable supplier with the capacity to fulfill these requirements, we encourage you to get in touch with GGT to discuss potential collaboration.

Gold Bullion 

We are seeking a reliable supplier for the provision of high-quality gold bullion in the form of good delivery bars. Specifically, we are interested in bars that meet the following specifications: a minimum weight of either 1 kilogram (kg) or 12 kilograms (kg), with a minimum fineness of 99.99%, which is the acceptable industry standard.  Our minimum order quantity is 500 kilograms (kg) or above, and we prefer to establish a 12-month contract with monthly deliveries of the specified quantity. If your company can meet these requirements, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further details, including pricing, delivery schedules, and payment terms. Please confirm your ability to supply gold bullion bars that meet our specifications and provide any additional information that may be relevant to our inquiry.


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